December Newsletter

Christmas Lessons
Christmas is coming and that means we have some scheduling to work out. I am planning on my lesson schedule following the same as the schools in the area — my last lessons will be on the December 21/22/23 and we will start back up again on January 10/11/12. If you would like piano lessons during the Christmas break, just let me know. I will be gone from December 26-30, so then lessons would resume the week after (January 3/4/5).

Group Classes
I am also hoping to have a small group class for my younger students (ages 7-13) and another one for my older students (14 and up). These classes are intended to give students an opportunity to learn as a group and perform in a low stress environment. I want to ensure that we have enough interest and availability before planning one. Group classes are $10 per student and will be 30-60 minutes.

Year End Recital
I would like to have a small recital at the end of June to showcase what my students have been working on this year. This is a great opportunity to perform for a slightly larger audience (20-30 people) and to perform on a grand piano. At this point, I am trying to gauge interest. As a recital space must be booked, recitals are $10/student.

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