June Newsletter

Before we get into the full swing of summer, I just want to let you know a few important things about next year. First, I have updated my policies a bit (available at http://katespianostudio.ca/prospective-students/studio-policies/2012-2013-policies/). Important changes include:

  • Lesson prices are still the same ($20/half hour), but we are going with a regular monthly rate instead, to be paid at the beginning of the month – $76/month for Tues/Wed/Thurs and $70/month for Mondays (because they miss 3 lessons in the year due to holidays). I may change my start date to Sept. 10 instead of Sept. 4, in which case Tues/Wed/Thu lessons will then be $74/month.
  • I am no longer buying books and selling them back to my students. Instead, I will give students/parents the name (and often a picture) of the books they are to purchase, and they can purchase them wherever they wish (e.g. Long & McQuade, amazon.com or amazon.ca, etc.).

I am expecting a greater number of students in the 2012-2013 year, and as a result, I have created a schedule at http://katespianostudio.ca/prospective-students/availability/ (it’s at the bottom) with my availability for the Fall. If you are planning on returning in the Fall, please fill out the lesson time request form (http://katespianostudio.ca/lesson-time-request-form/) as soon as you can. I will be using each student’s availability to create a schedule, and in the event of any time conflicts, the first student to submit a request will receive his/her time. I would like to receive all requests by August 31 so that I can get everything organized!

I will be emailing everyone mid August to remind them of lessons starting in September and see who is returning for the upcoming year. Thanks for a great year, and I hope you have a great summer!

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