Mandy Moore – “Only Hope” piano tutorial

I recorded and posted a tutorial on “Only Hope” by Mandy Moore. The keys are a little challenging (E major/C# minor followed by C# major/Db major), but most of the song is quite simple to play. Check it out for yourself and give it a shot! This is the intro and verse.

Chorus and interlude.

Bridge & outro:

How It All Fits Together (I perform the whole song)

3 thoughts on “Mandy Moore – “Only Hope” piano tutorial”

  1. Wow, this tutorial is awesome.
    It’s very easy to follow.
    I can play it now, thank you so much.
    I’m looking forward for more of your tutorials.

    1. I know lots of beginners have tried this and been successful, so I think your only limitation is how much effort you’re willing to put in!

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