May Newsletter

Upcoming Dates

June 1 – Final Piano Recital at 7:00 pm at the McKillop United Church (2329 15 Avenue South). Please see below for details.

June 2 – Adult student gathering at 10:30 am at Betty Jo Radley’s studio (810 Kodiak Bay North). Anyone over 18 is encouraged to join other adult students for a morning of music sharing – and if you don’t want to play, just come to listen!

June 2 – Exam repertoire recital at 11:30 am at Betty Jo Radley’s studio (810 Kodiak Bay North). Not just for students preparing for an exam, but it’s another opportunity to get used to performing.

Final Piano Recital

As mentioned above under “Upcoming Dates”, my final recital is going to be on Friday, June 1 at 7:00 pm at the McKillop United Church. I am joining forces with another piano teacher who also has a small studio (Lorrie Wittke). It’s a great opportunity to perform, and students need not be perfect in order to perform!

If your student is planning on performing:

  • Choose a piece that he or she likes to play and can play with confidence (it does not need to be memorized).
  • Please let me know by the evening of Monday, May 28 if your student is planning on performing so we can get the information on the program.

Sight Reading Practise

I mentioned previously that I have a page on my website for Music Technology. I want to highlight some websites that will help students build sight reading skills.

Jayde Musica Theory Game may be my favourite sight reading game so far. It moves a bit faster than Grand Staff Defender (so choose one that suits your starting needs) and it also gives you notes in a sequence – so you have to get all two/three/etc. correct before you can move on. It leads you to a higher level more quickly too, so if you’re a bit faster at this, you’re not slowed down. You can select EASY, MEDIUM, or HARD levels, you can extend the range of the staff to make it more difficult, and you can choose only TREBLE or BASS clef (or both). (Don’t do alto or tenor clef unless you know what they are!) A very versatile game!

Grand Staff Defender  is a lot like Jayde Musica, except that you start out really slow (great for beginners) and it takes you a while to get to the higher levels if you are really good at it. There are fewer options to customize your practise than Jayde Musica, but that could be beneficial if you just want to get started!

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