Adjustable Piano Footrest

Being a small pianist can have its challenges, and one of them is that your feet can’t touch the floor! Stools aren’t always the perfect height (especially as you grow!) and books stacked up can move around. If you’re looking for a stool that is affordable and adjustable, I recommend I ordered it recently and it is the perfect size.

It’s $72 USD, but he only ships to the United States, so you’ll have to have a US Post Office Box or ship to Babb, Montana Package Pick-Up and they will hold it for you for a reasonable price.

You’ll also have to send a money order, as he only accepts US cheques, so I recommend using Western Union Money Transfers. Most banks allow you to do these while signed into your online banking, but there is a fee for the money transfer as well as converting to $US, so it may end up costing about $80CAD. This may seem like a lot, but the only other comparable footrests I found online were $200 and up.

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