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Kate’s Piano Studio Newsletter – April 2012

Email: kate@katespianostudio.ca Phone: 403-894-8557
214 Keystone Lane West, Lethbridge, AB T1J 2R2

Upcoming Dates

April 6-13 – No Lessons (available if desired) (http://katespianostudio.ca/calendar/)
April 21 – Group class at 1:30 pm at Betty Jo Radley’s studio (810 Kodiak Bay North). All students are encouraged to participate in this group class, as it is a low-stress opportunity for you to perform in front of a small group of other piano students! NO COST.
May 12 – LRMTA recital at 2:30 pm in the University Recital Hall W-570. Play on a grand piano in a real recital hall!
May 22-25 – Piano Class Festival – This is a smaller festival than Kiwanis, and it’s only for piano students. It’s a great opportunity to enter a small festival, and we have a wonderful adjudicator (Jesse Plessis). $10/entry, April 15 deadline.
June 2 – Adult student gathering at 10:30 am at Betty Jo Radley’s studio (810 Kodiak Bay North). Anyone over 18 is encouraged to join other adult students – you can even just listen the first time!
June 2 – Exam repertoire recital at 11:30 am at Betty Jo Radley’s studio (810 Kodiak Bay North). Not just for students preparing for an exam, but it’s another opportunity to get used to performing.

Alberta Registered Music Teachers’ Association

First, I want to let everyone know that I am now a member of the Alberta Registered Music Teachers Association, so I am officially an RMT. The ARMTA website (http://www.armta.ca/) states that “The designation RMT (Registered Music Teacher) is an assurance to the public that the teacher has met specified educational standards. Our members all hold degrees/diplomas from universities, colleges, and/or music conservatories”, so I am proud to be a member!

Music Technology

I have created a new page on my website for Music Technology (http://katespianostudio.ca/technology-for-learning/). There are a lot of great apps, websites, games, etc. out there, but I want to highlight this iPod app in particular!
Sight Read Music Quiz for Piano Lite (FREE)
This app is great practise for sight reading. You see a note on a staff and you press the correct piano key. It only has one octave of keys, but you can’t expect much on a tiny iPod screen!

Sight Read Music Quiz for Piano ($1.99)
You can get the full version for $1.99 and it will keep track of your progress and the notes you are struggling with! This app is great for beginners and more advanced students who need a little more sight reading practise.

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