Beat the Teacher

Beat the Teacher Practise Incentive Program

Beat the Teacher is a practise incentive program I created for this year to replace last year’s 100 Days of Practise program.

Goal: To practise more days than Kate between your first lesson (September 8-12)) and the last lesson before the recital (December 15-19). (We will start another one in February.)

How to participate: Each week, you will keep track of the number of days you practised since your last lesson. Keep track in your Student Assignment Book – you can use check marks or minutes per day, as long as it’s obvious how many days it was. When you come to your lesson, I will write the number of days on my chart. At the last lesson before the Christmas recital, I will add up the total number of days to see if you practised more days than I did.
* If you are under 18, you must have your parent sign or initial each week. If you forget, they can do it the next week.

What are the prizes? I have a box of music prizes (pencil sharpeners, treble clef straws, erasers, pencil grippers, pens/pencils in music shapes, rulers, bracelets, buttons, bookmarks, etc.) and each winner will get to choose two items during the last lesson before the recital. They will also receive a certificate at the Christmas recital.

What if no one beats the teacher? In the unlikely event that no student practises more than me, I would be extremely disappointed, but I would still give out prizes to the students second, third, and fourth places.

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